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3 beautiful running routes in Paris

When you think of Paris, you think of the Eiffel Tower, croissants, the Louvre, extravagant food, fashion and romantic flair! So how great is it to sprint through the city full of verve with or without a partner and see the most beautiful corners on foot! While running, you often unexpectedly discover a whole new side of the French city of love.

In Paris, there are running routes that are unique and a counterpart to the hustle and bustle of the city. The large influx of tourists (30 million per year), the wide streets and the high level of air pollution are hardly noticeable here.

In this article we present you 3 beautiful running routes in Paris to prepare for the marathon. Because Paris, in addition to cafes and sights in the city center, also has beautiful parks and forests that will make you breathe deeply!

Paris Promenade de Plantée - Laufstrecke

1) Magical Paris: Promenade Plantée to Vincennes Forest

The Promenade Plantée starts right next to the Bastille Opera House and stretches across the Viaduct des Art, where artisans and artists offer their works. Contrary to the otherwise very well-kept image of Paris, the promenade is laid out rather wildly and charms its visitors with flowers, bushes, as well as romantically overgrown promenade paths.

The 4.5 kilometer long path leads directly into the large Vincennes forest, where you will find countless running trails! That means whether you only run 4.5K to the forest or a full half marathon is up to you. For a breather along the way, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving Parisian champagne or café au lait :).

On weekends, however, the Promenade Plantée gets crowded quickly, so it's best to run early or late in the evening! Opening hours are daily from 8 to 17h Mon.-Fri., and 9 to 17h on weekends and holidays. In summer, it's even open until 20 / 21h.

Park du Luxembourg Paris Marathon

2) À la Parisiénne: Luxembourg Garden

Between the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain du Pres is the Luxembourg Garden, with a picture-perfect route. Pavilions, ancient statues, clean paths, numerous benches to sit on and water fountains recall the royal period in Paris.

The garden was originally created by Marie de Medici, who lived in the Palace de Luxembourg. Now the Paris Senate is located there and the garden is open to the public.

Since it is located in the middle of the city center, it is also called the lungs of Paris. The distance once around the whole garden is about 2 kilometers. Here it is a good idea to walk a few rounds through the garden along the various paths to get to 5 or 10 kilometers.

Paris Wald Laufstrecke

3) The forest in the park: Bois du Boulogne

The second largest park in Paris is located in the 16th district and is actually a forest, because here you will find a waterfall, three lakes and countless woody running trails!

On 845 hectares, you can let off steam in the midst of greenery and create a new route every time. With the maps that are placed in the park, you can plan it right on the spot, or you can check online at home where to go this time!


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