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3 Curious Marathon Facts about the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an idyll of white, black and golden beaches, palm trees, coconuts and, of course, fresh fruit. Being an island nation, it is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles. In the capital, Santo Domingo, colorful colonial buildings alternate with modern skyscrapers, and some of the esplanades along the coast resemble the palm tree promenades in Miami.

Punta Cana is one of the most famous sandy beaches, simply because the pictures from there look as if they were taken directly in Photoshop - too good to be true! Snow-white sand, tall palm trees, turquoise sea. What more could you want?

But this article is not about the best vacation spots on this beautiful island, but about 3 curious marathon facts about the Dominican Republic! When we do some research, we always come across fascinating information that we don't want to keep from you as a virtual marathon runner!


What's happening in the marathon community in the Dominican Republic?


1) Dominican Women Power

Dominican long-distance runner Sandra Natal (born 1961) specialized in road races and became known as a coach for her husband Khalid Khannouchi, who twice captured the world record in marathon running. She herself set a new national record at the Haut-de-Seine Marathon in 1990 with a time of 2 hours, 49 minutes and 13 seconds and finished tenth in the marathon.

At the Philadelphia Half Marathon, she finished fifteenth and also set a national record for the half marathon. At the Frankfurt Marathon, she improved her own national record to a whopping 2 hours, 46 minutes and 46 seconds.

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2) Santo Domingo Ultrarun

For all marathon lovers who consider 42 kilometers a breeze, the Santo Domingo Ultrarun should be a real challenge. Because here we are talking about 100K! The run is divided into 4 stages and has it in itself. Because it goes not only over the lowlands, but also along the coast, from the port city of Puerto Plata to the Isabel de Torres and back, to the lagoon de Cabarete and from Playa Punta Poppy to Samaná.

Of course, an ultrarun is not for everyone, so running enthusiasts can participate in just one or two sections. However, the real challenge of this ultrarun is to collect points in order to finally participate in the "Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc" in Switzerland.


3) A fundraising run around the island during Corona.

There are even more organizations that represent the idea that running marathons and donating complement each other wonderfully! The great association Dominican Health from Germany called for an island-wide fundraising run during the tough Corona year 2020 and raised 1,757.64 € with it! It was an average of 1km/€ that was collected by the runners. In total it was 1826 kilometers, more than once around the island quasi.

The first German-Dominican fundraising marathon served to support the Fundación Milton Moronta for the further expansion of a clinic in Puerto Plata.

Since flea markets, beverage sales at summer festivals and a Christmas market were no longer possible, which normally serve to raise funds for the Dominican Health Association, the first fundraising run was created. For each kilometer run, friends and acquaintances of the runners could pay a donation.

The runners were free to decide how many kilometers they wanted to run and how much the sponsors wanted to donate. The start was September 1st and after 6 weeks the goal in Puerto Plata was reached!

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Image 1: Ishan via Unsplash