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A dream in white: St. Petersburg White Nights

You might lose track of day and night during the White Nights, a natural spectacle taking place in the northernmost regions of the planet. Every year around the Summer Solstice the sun just won't set completely, leaving at least a shimmer of light through the whole night. This phenomenon is reveals an especially fabulous scenery at St. Petersburg, shining a silver light on the rooftops of this marvelous city. Together with the glowing golden color of the city's spires and domes it creates a truly unreal atmosphere.



Along the riverside

Let's start an imaginary run through St. Petersburg, also called by the name Venice of the North, where splendor and grandeur of the past times of the Russian Tsars await. Colorful masterpieces of baroque architecture never leave your sight - with over 2300 palaces it's quite a challenge to get to see the whole city.



Along the bank ofthe Neva there is some fantastic sights that leave everyone passing by short of breath. Starting from the river's delta we will enjoy the beautiful view on Vasilyevsky Island housing the magnificent Menshikov Palace. On our way we will see the St. Isaacs Cathedral, a huge architectural landmark towering over everything around it.



One highlight after the other - running past the world famous Eremitage will definitely keep you motivated to keep going, even though observing the stunning sight might slow you down a bit. But don't worry... already managed to run 5 kilometers!

The Eremitage is the undisputed queen of museums in St. Petersburg. With a vast collection of more than 60000 artifacts displayed in over 350 rooms it is one of the most significant museums in the world.



Inhale a fresh breeze while crossing the Troitsky Bridge. Having reached the other side of the river we start circling around the beautiful Peter and Paul Fortress which laid the foundation of the city. Housing many important monuments and museums, few tourists leave the city without paying a visit to this astonishing place.

We will have to cross two more bridges over Vasilyevsky Island and we will be back at the Eremitage.



Here we mark 10 kilometers.

Everyone up to taking on the Half-Marathon or even Marathon can continue along the river or run through the City's core - the vast area of St. Petersburg leaves more than enough room for any distance.

That's it! Do you know any great places to run in St. Petersburg that we didn't mention? Then drop us a comment!

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The white nights of Saint Petersburg, where the sun never sets, are legendary. Run together with our Russian friends the 5km/3.1mi, 10km/6.2mi or half marathon - at night or in the evening with your friends in this unique summer night - no matter where you live.

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Picture 1: Hu Chen via unsplash
Picture 2: Marina Isgeim via unsplash
Picture 3: Tamara Malaniy via unsplash
Picture 4: Victor Malyushev via unsplash
Picture 5: Sasha Yudaev via unsplash