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Enjoy the view from the "Roof of Africa" - your Kilimanjaro Uhuru Run

You feel the cold wind blowing around your nose, the climb was hard, but this view was worth it. You stand at 5895m, overlooking the unique vegetation and wildlife of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at your feet. It is a moment for eternity, because you have climbed the highest mountain massif in Africa - on our Kilimanjaro Uhuru Run. Run with us the altitude meters and reward yourself with a breathtaking view – Nov 5th-7th, at our Kilimanjaro Uhuru run.

"kilima njaro" - the white mountain

The term "kilima njaro" - the white mountain, is used in Swahili to describe the white, snow-covered peak of the highest mountain massif in Africa. Kilimanjaro is a trio of volcanoes including Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. The extinct volcano Kibo towers over its two neighboring peaks and is thus, with 5895m the highest mountain in Africa.

UNESCO World Natural Heritage

Your running route this time goes right through the unique landscape of an UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The landscape was awarded with this title in 1987, and with that the area around Mount Kilimanjaro and the mountain massif itself has become one of the main attractions in Tanzania. And tourists as well as locals see in it a symbol, that stands for the natural spectacles of the country like no other. At its feet you will encounter, among others, giraffes and herds of elephants grazing with pleasure and living in the shadow of the mountain. From the top you have the perfect overview - and real Disney fans will surely have one or the other "Lion King" moment here.

The transience of the eternal ice

The mountain owes its name to its white, shining ice cap, but due to the advancing global warming, the cover of snow could soon be a thing of the past. In the last 100 years, the ice cap has already receded by 85%, and experts believe that it could have melted away completely by 2030.

First ascent and special records

To conquer Kilimanjaro is still a really strong achievement! In 1889, a trio of a German geographer, an Austrian alpinist and a Tanzanian mountain guide managed to climb the mountain to the summit for the first time. After several failed attempts, they were the first to enjoy the view from the top. Since then, many other ambitious climbers, athletes and guided groups have attempted the climb. The record for the oldest person on the summit was set in 2017 by an 88-year-old man, and the youngest successful climber stood on the summit in 2018 at the age of 7.

The Machame Route

There are numerous routes that will take you to the "Roof of Africa," but the Machame Route is considered one of the most beautiful options. What makes the Machame Route stand out? Definitely the scenic diversity of many different vegetation zones! You start at 1800 meters altitude, at the entrance of Kilimanjaro National Park, surrounded by tropical rainforest, you run the first meters towards the finish. The climb gets steeper as you slowly leave the rainforest and its lush green behind you. In front of you is the heath zone, characterized by grasses and flat plants - your gaze can wander far into the distance and you slowly notice the altitude air. You also leave this landscape behind and at almost 3000m you arrive in the moorland of the mountain. You know the summit can't be far away when the bog gives way to gray, coarse stones. A last, steep ascent and now you can almost see the crater behind a boulder landscape. You will be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the vast Tanzanian landscape.


Travel with us to the highest mountain in Africa and let yourself be inspired by the force of nature!



Nov 5th-7th - Kilimanjaro Uhuru Run & Marathon

Towering above everything around it, the Kilimanjaro is with 5895m the highest mountain in Africa and a national symbol of Tanzania. The rich Flora & Fauna of the area are part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Join us on our adventure to the rooftop of Africa!

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