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Honky Tonkin' in Nashville

The place where music is just spilling out of every corner - in Nashville the sound of Blues and Country is omnipresent on the Broadway and the many bars and restaurants with shiny neon lights will give you a true taste of the South, making you feel like you are in your 20s again - welcome to Music City!

Kickin' it up in Tennessee

The stompin' grounds of the incredible variety and innovation of music in Nashville lie in the strong African-American influences, but the scene for city's musical significance was truly set in 1824 when a hymn by the name of Western Harmony was published there and quickly spread around the whole country - and starting from there, it steeply went upwards.

The Mother Church of Country Music

For 95 years Nashville has been the home to the Grand Ole Opry, the oldest live-music radio show in existence. The live shows take place almost every week with never the same performance twice - ranging from famous musicians to family-friendly comedy, there is something for everyone.

In 1950 the city finally got its well-deserved - official - nickname Music City USA - which was awarded not only for the high-quality Country Music but various kinds - Jazz, Bluegrass, Gospel and Rock performers can all be found in the plenty. Nonetheless, country music is in the focus of the attention and there is even a museum dedicated to the legends of the genre, the Country Music Hall of Fame - you can check out the list of its members on their website.

And speaking of legends of music - Elvis Presley himself reportedly called Nashville his favorite city in the world! Safe to say, the place had quite an impact on anyone getting creative there.

But even today Nash Vegas is still the go-to place for all musicians of any genre that want to make it big - following the footsteps of The Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Kings of Leon and Michael Buble - all of which made music in Nashville.

There certainly are a lot of places for aspiring musicians to try their luck, the many bars (or Honky Tonks, like the locals call them) and clubs are always happy to offer their stages to experienced performers and newcomers alike.

But hold your horses, back to Country Music!

The perfect soundtrack for running?

The cheerful vibes of Country Music can be highly motivating when running - songs like "Fastest girl in town" are even properly themed and the fast rhythms surely won't slow you down.

And since y'all love doing sports outside, the lyrics celebrating nature just fit right into the atmosphere - even if you're not from the States!

You should definitely try out our Nashville playlist on Spotify for your next run and delve into some country vibes - yeeeha!



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