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How to move from A to B in Amsterdam

The Netherlands - a once mighty empire with trade posts all over the globe, is nowadays among the smallest countries in Europe - yet the most densely populated with over 17 million inhabitants. And even though being small-sized, it can call itself the biggest in many other aspects of life.

Being home to engineers, inventors and philosophers alike, they can confidently claim to be one of the most forward-thinking places on earth.

They also appear to have developed quite an advanced society, living multiculturalism since the 1970s and being the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001, setting a prime example for others to follow.

And while many drugs may be legal in the Netherlands, Dutch people actually tend to consume much less of them than its neighboring countries.

So, moving forward intellectually seems to be one of the nation's biggest strengths - but what about moving forward physically?


Country of seafarers

Walking through the streets of Amsterdam, one can bear witness to the glorious past of the Netherlands that at some point in history stretched from Europe to South America, from Africa to South East Asia and beyond (even though some aspects of colonialism were clearly not so glorious). Traveling by boat is in the country's DNA ever since, and the capital city is the perfect testimony.


It's easy to find a canal cruise through Amsterdam, which definitely is a must while staying there and actually one of the fastest ways to get around!

But because of the high rents for apartments (thanks, AirBnB) many people in Amsterdam decide to live on so-called houseboats, some of which are actually capable of moving as was proven by pensioners called Terry and Monica Darlington that successfully crossed the English Channel starting from Amsterdam.

When those swimming residences don't move, they are usually parked in the city's canals that are famously called "Grachten" which have an astonishing total length of 100 km (outnumbering even Venice)!

Next time you visit the Dutch capital, consider staying on one of these!

Sparkling highways through the city

An especially exciting way to get around in Amsterdam is possible only under certain conditions - when it's freezing cold (below -5°) some canals turn into frozen highways that you can ice-skate on!

Sounds awesome? It definitely is one of the most unique things to do and popular among tourists and locals alike.

So, it's certainly not surprising at all that the Dutch perform exceptionally well in Olympic Ice Skating - having won many medals over the course of the years at the Winter Olympics.


And obviously...

...everyone of us knows not only Amsterdam but the whole Netherlands to be the world's El-Dorado of cyclists! Being perfectly designed for your two-wheeler by giving them more importance on the streets than cars, it comes to no one's surprise that most Dutch people will go literally anywhere on their bikes - and through all weather conditions as well.

Any tourist is offered a vast choice of rent-a-bike stores and discovering the city cycling is truly the best way to experience the beautiful Dutch capital.

The Netherlands is the world's eighth-healthiest country in the world, with obesity at a record low - and here we have one of the reasons why.


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