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Investigating Crime in Stockholm

Sweden is unique in many ways. So, writing a blog about this Scandinavian country raises the question - where should I begin?

Surely the fact that they are one of the world's biggest music exporters is worth mentioning, with bands like ABBA or Mando Diao having massive success in international charts.

One might also talk about the many innovations and its overall liberal and open-minded society that makes the country a pioneer in many aspects of modern life. Where would humanity be today if it wasn't for good ol' Alfred Nobel inventing Dynamite!

And by the way, it's also a great place to visit. With a beautiful nature and being covered 50% by forests it's among the greenest countries in Europe. And let's not even begin with its amazing architecture...


But one thing in which this country truly stands out, is the crazy amount of successful crime novels coming from there, with the Germans even inventing the term Schwedenkrimi to describe this kind of fiction. The most famous of them all though, is without a doubt Stieg Larssons Millenium Trilogy that has become a global phenomenon with more than 80 million copies sold.

Today's route takes you to the phenomenal capital of Sweden - Stockholm - and lets you pass by some of the most iconic locations of the world-famous bestseller, let's go running on Södermalm!

The pulsating heart of the city

Located in the city centre, Södermalm is the district in Stockholm. To arrive there, we have to cross one of the many bridges leading to the area.

Historically, Söders Höjder (meaning heights of the south) was the district of the working class, sometimes even described as a slum. Today it's home to the more privileged members of society, with skyrocketing prices for housing.

Stieg Larsson - who lived on Södermalm himself - placed the apartment of the novel's protagonist, Mikael Blomkvist, at Bellmansgatan 1 from where we will start running around the island.

Bellmansgatan 1 in Stockholm, where a family by the name of Blomkvist actually lives – even though they claim that they’ve never met the author.


Just around the corner, at Götgatan 11, we will pass by the book's next location, the Millennium Magazine's offices, where Blomkvist works as an investigative journalist. He first encounters Lisbeth Salander here, together with whom he begins to search for the millionaire's missing niece.

Fans of the book series will quickly start to feel the unique, mysterious atmosphere and after a while, you will get the impression that you are not running somewhere but running from someone... Let's better keep that part to fiction.

But even if you haven't read the novels, you will enjoy the distinctive character of the district. The narrow streets with colourful villas next to old brick houses define Stockholm's appearance. And we certainly have to give the Swedes credit for maintaining the city's historic buildings in such a marvellous way! After passing the Fotografiska, a modern photography museum in a beautiful Art Nouveau Style building, we will continue on Fjällgatan Street, where we enjoy one of the best views Stockholm has to offer.

The route going around the island is approximately 10 kilometres long but if you feel like having a more relaxed day you can choose to visit one of many green areas and even beaches in the south of the island. The western on the other hand provides a great Café and bar infrastructure - perfect for a sundowner if you feel like it.

It becomes clear why - especially among young people - the place has become quite popular and is often nicknamed as the bohemian quarter of Stockholm. Safe to say that Södermalm is definitely worth visiting while staying in Stockholm.



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Picture 1 : Adam Gavlák via unsplash
Picture 2 : Axel Antas-Bergkvist via unsplash
Picture 3 : Robert Eklund via unsplash