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On which 4 running tracks do the stars jog in Los Angeles, Hollywood?


Los Angeles is a place of contrasts. On the one hand, it offers beautiful nature, the Pacific Ocean, deserts and mountain landscapes, on the other hand, it is the home of the great American entertainment industry (Hollywood). The mega-metropolis of Los Angeles is part of the state of L.A. and ranks third among the largest cities in North America, after New York and Mexico City - with a population of 4 million!

Despite its size and modernity, Los Angeles offers numerous running trails that reflect the different facets of the city - and where, with a little luck, you will meet the stars and starlets of the film industry! Whether it's over the mountains, through the city, in the stadium or along the beach, you're sure to find something that suits you!

In this article, we present our top 4 running routes in Los Angeles, Hollywood, for marathon runners. But recreational joggers are sure to have fun on the Los Angeles running trails too!


1) Star Snapshot: Runyon Canyon

The coolest place to run in West Hollywood is Runyon Canyon, because the who's who of the Los Angeles (running) community can be found here. Fitness buffs, actors and wannabees flock to this mountain to enjoy the gigantic views and ogle each other.

The trail is suitable for walking as well as jogging, but this is more for experienced runners as it is mostly uphill! Entrance is from Mulholland Drive as well as Fuller Avenue. On the mountain itself there are several running trails that you can follow depending on your fitness level.


2) Hollywood Wildness: Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the best place to take a photo of the famous Hollywood sign after your run. The climb up to the Observatory is steep, but worth it! The Observatory is a centre for astronomy that is open to visitors and has telescopes available for free.

Griffith Park is located at the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains - home to many celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock and the Beckham family. It offers numerous running trails to enjoy the wild nature of Los Angeles' largest urban park! One entrance to the park is on Crystal Springs Drive, but there are countless other access points.


3) 5K & Fitness Station: The Rose Bowl

If you're looking to get ready for your next marathon and run your 5-10K a day, the track around Rose Bowl Stadium is the place to be. This is where many of the L.A. running events are held because the course measures the exact length of 5K. The route goes around the historic Rose Bowl Stadium, as well as the golf course next to it.

The advantage is that in addition to the running track, there are also fourteen fitness stations, which are particularly suitable for training balance, coordination, strength building and stretching. The best place for runners to warm up and cool down!

There is also a public pool for a refreshing swim after your work-out!

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4) Scenic city beach: Marvin Braude cycle track

This running and biking trail - also called The Strand - was named after Los Angeles Mayor Martin Braude, who made sure smoking was no longer allowed in restaurants. The trail runs 22 miles (about 35 kilometres) from Will Rogers Beach to Santa Monica, past Manhattan Beach (the name says it all) before stopping at Torrance Beach. As the route is quite long, there is a lot to see!

Not only are the views of the beach and the sea fantastic here, but also modern architectural buildings, such as a long tunnel under the Santa Monica Pier that lets the sunlight shine in through its holes. There are plenty of cafés and kiosks along the way for refreshments or to use the restroom.

The Wolf of Wall Street, the L.A. Kings hockey team and actor Vincent Vaughn live right on Manhattan Beach.

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