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The 5 Best Running Routes in Brussels, Belgium for Beginners

Brussels is not only the seat of the European Parliament and the European Commission, but also the capital of beer, chocolatiers, the best fries in the world and the most delicious waffles with chocolate sauce.

Although Brussels has only 1.2 million inhabitants, there are at least twenty great running routes for you to explore. It's through rustic forests, beautiful parks or the fascinating city!

In our article, we present the 5 best running routes in Brussels, Belgium for beginners! You'll be ready for the next virtual marathon in Brussels. Even if you can't travel to Brussels at the moment, your run can be an inner journey through Brussels' most beautiful running routes!

1. Parc de Bruxelles: running in the countryside

This beautiful inner-city park is easily accessible from everywhere and is one of the largest parks in the middle of the city. With an amazing 13.1 hectares, it offers relaxation and lush greenery. The beautiful sandy paths are lined with rare trees, monuments, a kiosk and a theatre, and lead to the fountain in the centre. The Parc de Bruxelles is also surrounded by three important buildings: the Belgian Parliament, the Royal Palace and the Court of Justice!

This is a great place to run several laps. In other words, you decide the pace and length of your run in Brussels Park! One lap around the outside is 1.9 km. Be careful, at the weekend many families and walkers come here! Then it's better to run early in the morning or in the evening just before sunset. The closest metro is "Park" for lines 1 and 5.

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2. Bois de la Cambre: running track around the lake

Just outside the city is the Bois de la Cambre, which is more of a forest than a park. It is attached to the Sonian forest area and is located near the chic Avenue Louise in Ixelles, where many Members of the European Parliament and diplomats reside.

The highlight of the park is a lake in the middle with an island called "Robinson". Unfortunately, you can't jump into the water after a successful run because the lake is polluted with bacteria. However, the park is certainly suitable for running!

Numerous kiosks and cafés invite you to linger after your workout and the view of the water lets the stress of everyday life flow away. A full lap around the park is 9.4 km if you include the Brussels Golf Club! You can also run part of the way and then rest or go for a walk. Many tram lines on Avenue Louise stop near the park.

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3. Parc du Cinquantenaire: museums and tartan track

The Brussels Jubilee Park or Parc du Cinquantenaire is quite centrally located in the Ettelbek district, not far from the Parc du Bruxelles. This small oasis of greenery is particularly suitable for running beginners, as the paths are flat and the running route around the park is only 2.4 km long.

For ambitious runners, however, there is also a public tartan track! And for the tourist in you, several museums come together: the Military Museum, the Art & History Museum, Auto World and a tower that dates back to 1880! The closest metro is "Schuman".

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4. La Plaine: Urban in the centre

A purely urban running route in Brussels is La Plaine, always along the Boulevard de Triumph. It takes you past the European School, the university, the rugby club and a swimming pool.

The whole route is 2.73 km long. If you get off at the Delta metro station, you can sprint straight into the centre of Brussels.


5. Park de Laeken: Close to the Atomium

In the north of the city is the Park de Laeken, which includes the huge Atomium, built for Expo 58 in 1958. One lap around the Parc d'Osseghen Laeken and Styuvenberg equals half the total park area and takes you 5.2 km.

The Chateau du Belvédère, the Fontaine Saint-Anne and the monument to the dynasty are also along the route. The Chaetau de Laeken is not part of it, but it is located a little above in the second part of the park, where the Belgian royal family has its official residence. The Chateau was built by Napoleon for Josephine at the time!

The closest metro station is "Heysel". From there, it's about a 5-minute walk to the Atomium and the park.

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How did you like our article on the 5 best running routes in Brussels, Belgium for beginners? There are of course many more running routes to explore in Brussels! But if you're heading to the European capital for a short trip, you know where to train for your next marathon!

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