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The 5 Coolest Running Routes in Miami, Florida

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Miami is the city of fitness junkies, skyscrapers, a bustling arts and culture scene, beautiful beaches, two national parks and exquisite restaurants. It's where the rich and famous, a multicultural mix of residents and urban big-city flair meet. And: Our Sun of Miami Run will take place on 06 June 2021 as a dedication to this great metropolis!

To get the most out of your running training, there are numerous great routes in Miami. These invite you to get to know the city better and stay fit at the same time! In our article "The 5 coolest running trails in Miami, Florida", we introduce you to some of these unique training locations where you can combine nature with a big city feel!


The Best Running Tracks in Miami, Florida

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1) South Beach: Ninja Sand Training

The path along South Beach is one of the most popular running routes to see Miami from its sunny side: By the sea! This is where the huge ships launch from the harbour at the weekend, which is a fascinating spectacle. When running, the hard sand gives enough resistance to build muscles, as well as a light suspension to protect the joints.

Mornings and evenings are best for running, to avoid the beach goers. If you run in the afternoon, include a few slaloms! The advantage, however, is that you can finish each run with a dip in the cold water!


2) Venetian Causeway: The most expensive area in Miami

The bridges of the Venetian Causeway offer a breathtaking 360-degree view of Miami's man-made islands, giving the run a special flair. You'll feel like you're in a Hollywood movie surrounded by expensive mansions and yachts as you run past. If you follow the side street on De Lido Island, you can admire the most expensive villas in the area.

The narrow paths on either side of the bridges are often frequented by pedestrians, so for a clear run, walk early or late in the evening. When the bridges are raised to let a ship through, you can't go any further for a short time. But a break at this place is always good, because the view is simply too impressive!

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3) Lummus Park Sidewalk: Film On!

The Lummus Park Sidewalk has been featured in just about every film shot in Miami's South Beach. From 5th Street north, you'll see the most palm trees in all of Miami, lining the famous Ocean Drive and contrasting with the Art Deco buildings.

The park is on the National Register of Historic Places and was named after the Lummus brothers, who were Miami's first city planners. If you walk the route to the Blue and Green Diamond Building, you can either continue on the sandy beach or take the red Millionaire Row pavement.

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4) Everglades Long Pine Campground: Pure Nature

This trail is further away from the city centre of Miami, but is worth visiting as the route leads through a beautiful forest and is far away from the hustle and bustle. By car it is about 1h drive to the Everglades National Park, the entrance fee is 10$. From here it continues to Long Pine Campground, where the trail starts.

The ground is dry most of the year, but can get muddy and wet in rainy seasons. In summer, the forest is unfortunately home to many mosquitoes, which makes walking a bit difficult. So bring mosquito spray! The entire trail is about 10 kilometres long and also offers the opportunity to see wild animals up close, as the forest area is protected and does not allow cars.

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5) Miami Beach Boardwalk: Downtown Miami

The Miami Beach Boardwalk is a popular area right beside the Atlantic Ocean. It attracts many tourists and gives a real holiday flair. The wooden floor of the boardwalk gives a slight springiness when walking, making it great for exercise! Whether running from north to south or from south up to north, the Boardwalk can be run in a variety of ways.

That's it for our 5 Best Running Routes in Miami! Do you know any great places to run in Miami that we didn't mention? Then drop us a comment!

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