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The top 5 most beautiful running routes in Europe

The year is slowly coming to an end, but for us it's just getting started! November is the month of our next running highlight this year - our World Run Series. Together with VirtualRunners you will run around the world. First stop: EUROPE. From 13.11.-28.11. we will explore with you the most beautiful and spectacular running routes, from Italy to Greece, France and Norway and many more countries- are you ready for your European tour?


Greece: The historic route of the Spartathlon

The course of the Spartathlon lives up to its name. It is an ultra-marathon, following the historically significant footsteps of Pheidippides, who was sent from the battlefield at Marathon, Athens to Sparte in 490 BC, to secure support for the Greeks in their fight against the Persians. You can, of course, divide the course into any sections you like-it will take you past olive trees, through picturesque old villages, and finally to the finish line, where each finisher will be crowned with a wreath of olive branches.

France: A special run for wine enthusiasts in Pauillac

Very close to Bordeaux, lies a tranquil town called Pauillac. It is located on the Médoc Peninsula and is known worldwide for excellent wines. Your run will not only take you past the bustling harbor with its boats and ships, but also through the vineyards. On your way you can admire more than 50 wineries, or take a short wine break. An annual marathon is held here in September, where participants are provided not only with water and gels as course refreshments, but also wine. Cheers then!


Italy: The Venice Lagoon Race

Even though the marathon in Rome, with its historic running course past the Colosseum and numerous ancient buildings, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the running course through the "sinking city" of Venice has an indescribable charm. Your route will take you over numerous small and large bridges, sometimes magnificent and expansive, sometimes small and historic. From lagoon to lagoon and from alley to alley you work your way up to the Grand Canal to your destination - St. Mark's Square.

Turkey: From Asia to Europe

Crystal blue waters, a city with numerous cultural influences and the unique opportunity to step on two continents in one run - Istanbul offers one of the most spectacular running experiences. Past the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome- through the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to the impressive scenery, you'll have another special highlight: the unique opportunity to run across the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge, putting both Asia and Europe on your running clock.


Norway: The northernmost route in the world

On the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, a marathon is held every year, which offers probably the most tremendous natural scenery of all running routes in Europe. No matter if you run a marathon, 20km, 10km or 5km - here you will forget time and distance, because you won't get out of the amazement! In the middle of the arctic ocean, you run between arctic glaciers and picturesque villages. Who knows, maybe a polar bear will cross your path in the distance!

From ancient Greeks to wine, sea and polar bears - there is so much to discover and experience in Europe! We are sure that you will find the right route for your World Run Series through Europe and wish you every success!


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Picture 1 : Arthur Yeti via unsplash
Picture 2 : Marco Chilese via unsplash
Picture 3 : Janik Rohland via unsplash