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The island of sprint legends - run with us in the Jamaican sun.


White sandy beach, turquoise sea and in the background the rustling of the palms blurs with the sloshing of the waves and soft reggae sounds to a unique background music- wellkom at Jamaica!

At our Caribbean Run Jamaica from Nov 12th-14th. we run together on the tracks of the most successful sprinters in the world!

Caribbean dream island

With about 11,000 square kilometers, Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea after Cuba and Hispaniola. In 1494, Christopher Columbus was the first European navigator to discover Jamaica and was enchanted by the island's beauty. According to records, he is said to have described Jamaica as the most beautiful island he had ever seen. To this day, the island with its dream beaches is considered the most beautiful place in the Caribbean among travelers and tourists. Although Columbus christened the island Santiago, the original name Xaymaca or Jamaica has prevailed. After its discovery, the Caribbean island was under the colonial power of various European countries. However, since 1962 Jamaica has been independent, but is still a free member of the Commonwealth.


Everything cook and curry- Patois in Jamaica

It means something like: Everything is good and is just one of many Jamaican idioms. Even though the official language in Jamaica is English, many influences have led to the development of a unique language on the Caribbean island. Patois or Patwa(h) is a creole language that combines a mix of English, Spanish, French and African influences and is also spoken in Costa Rica or Panama, among other places. Some expressions from Jamaican Creole are considered the basis for hip-hop slang as we know it today! Internationally known musicians like Bob Marley, Sean Paul or Shaggy are known for their jamaican style lyrics!

Colorful and musical

White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, the lush green of tropical plants and colorful house walls- Jamaica is colorful and the mentality of its inhabitants reflects this in a sunny disposition and unique musicality. Jamaica is the birthplace of ska and reggae, the nightlife is colorful and loud, music is everywhere and people are dancing! On the other hand, you'll find small, tranquil fishing villages, farming, secret coves and extraordinary flora and fauna in Jamaica. Whether you are a reggae fan, a rum lover or a nature lover, there is something for everyone who wants to experience the Caribbean dream!

The island of sprint legends

Although Jamaica has only about 3 million inhabitants (less than Berlin), the island regularly produces the greatest and most successful sprint talents the world has seen. From Asafa Powell to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson-Hera, Donovan Baley and, of course, Usain Bolt-the world's fastest people hail from Jamaica and regularly leave the running elite of other countries behind. Arguably since Usain Bolt appeared on the scene in 2008 and made history, the island has become the number one runners’ state!

Symmetrical knees, ambition or yam?

The question of why so many of the world's fastest people were born on the Caribbean island is one that keeps scientists, sports experts and competitors alike busy. So far, there are many different answers to this question! According to an international team of researchers, the symmetry of the knees could be a reason for the achievements. In experiments and studies, the following came out: the more symmetrical the knees, the faster the runner. In fact, the Jamaican runners studied had particularly symmetrical knees. Ambition and early encouragement of young running talent could also be part of the secret recipe! Schools hold numerous running races and encourage children from a very young age. Another theory comes from Usain Bolt's father. He believes that the Caribbean yam, a type of sweet potato, gives runners extra power. You want to be as fast as the top Jamaican athletes- make a delicious dish with yam and try it out- it's all worth a try! 


Be part of our Caribbean Charity Run & Marathon Jamaica and do something good not only for yourself but also for others! For the  second time we organize this run as a CHARITY RUN together with Lions Club of Downtown Kingston (with the assistance of Lions Virtual) in Jamaica! The money raised will be used to support numerous social projects.


Nov 12th-14th - Jamaica *CHARITY* Run & Marathon

Crystal clear waters, nature in abundance and a laidback lifestyle you won't find anywhere else in the world. Welcome to Jamaica, home to the Rastafari Culture and Reggae Music!

Participate at this very special CHARITY RUN, which we organize together for the second time with the Lions Club of Downtown Kingston (with the assistance of Lions Virtual) in Jamaica! 


 Picture 1 : Rinke Dohmen via unsplash
Picture 2 : Virginia Johnson via unsplash
Picture 3 : Dalelan Anderson via unsplash
Picture 4 : Rock Staar via unsplash