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The Many Colours of Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to the archipelago of dreams!

The islands of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island), Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau are among the most spectacular places in the world and most sought-after tourist destinations. But why?

The reasons seem quite obvious: A paradise-like atmosphere, laid-back lifestyle, world-famous cocktails and its extreme remoteness in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Being of volcanic origin, the nature on Hawaii will take your breath away - dense tropical rainforests, fascinating coral reefs and of course the volcanos (of which some are still active) are waiting for you to be discovered.

The legendary seaside

Going for a run? You might do so on the archipelago's many beaches, that will reward anyone visiting with a wide variety of colours you won't find anywhere else - while most of them are white like you'd expect from a paradise island, they also come in the colours black, red and green - wait what? Yes, you read that correctly - Hawaii is home to one of only 4 green beaches on our planet - Papakolea beach!

All of the colours can be explained by volcanic activity and the green sands are just the rarest outcome of magma meeting the ocean, creating green gemstones in the process.

Multi-coloured rainforests

Hawaii is one the wettest regions on the planet, creating perfect conditions for tropical rainforests to thrive. So, it comes to no surprise that the Fauna you'll find will be just as eccentric as most things are on Hawaii. The rainbow eucalyptus for example, a gum tree that sheds its bark in sensational strips of colour.


Wonderfully mixed into the scenery is the Ohea Lehua, a flowering evergreen known for its brilliant yellow and fiery red and vines circling around the treetops and branches. Safe to say that hiking through the primeval rainforests is like stepping into a botanist's wildest dream.

Incredible contrasts

Yet another environment is waiting for you on Hawaii - volcano Mauna Loa's quite resembles the moon's surface and was actually a practice field for astronauts that were preparing for space voyages! The place is known for its frequent eruptions - which local legends attribute to the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele.

With such a multifaceted environment and incredible natural phenomena's, Hawaii truly stands out - and whoever will visit this gem of the Pacific will likely never want to leave.

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Picture 1 : Luke McKeown via unsplash
Picture 2 : Karsten Winegard via unsplash
Picture 3 : Alexandra Tran via unsplash
Picture 4 : Studio Kealaula via unsplash
Picture 5 : Neil Bates via unsplash