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3 top tips to activate the growth mindset for the marathon

Everything you achieve in your life comes from inner growth. When you set a goal and achieve it, when you overcome a challenge, or when you reap the rewards of your sowing, a transformation has taken place internally.

Behind every success is inner growth, and this is what is meant by Growth Mindset. The more you examine your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs and consciously align them with your goals, the faster you will get what you want.

First and foremost, a growth mindset is about accepting where your own limitations lie and not letting them deter you. After all, it's about growth! In other words, if you face challenges with a touch of humour and say, "Let's see if I can do this!" instead of saying, "I can't do that anyway!" - then you are setting yourself up for growth.

And whenever you align yourself for growth, your subconscious mind tries to find ways to live up to your imagination! That's why it's also helpful to deliberately set your goals bigger sometimes, simply to challenge yourself and outgrow yourself! You will be amazed at what is actually possible!

In this article we present the 3 top tips to activate the Growth Mindset for the marathon!

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The origin of the Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck, a scientist from the USA, did the first experiments on the Growth Mindset in a school. She was amazed at the children who did not give up when faced with tricky tasks, but were downright enthusiastic about extra-challenging tasks!

This was followed by years of study with musicians, top athletes, people from difficult backgrounds, entrepreneurs and couples. What Carol Dweck found out was astonishing. Because neither your background nor your environment determine how you deal with challenges. It is entirely the mind and the power of thought.

The deep-sea diver Frida Lembos from Mexico always says to her students in the courses: "Deep-sea diving is 80% mindset and 20% physical training". I'm sure Bruce Lee, Mohammad Ali and various other athletes would agree!

Carol Dweck found in her studies that:

- People who were labelled as failures achieved terrific success with appropriate encouragement.

- People who were considered completely unathletic later became successful athletes through intensive training.

- Orchestra musicians had simply practised more hours than music teachers, and music teachers had practised more hours than amateur musicians.

- Businesses that were already close to insolvency, but which, with the help of a growth-oriented manager, rose again to peak performance and profit.

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Tip 1) Aim higher

Controlling your mind, combined with a clear focus on where you want to go, is the recipe for success. When you reach your limits and enter unknown territory, all alarm bells are activated and your mind simply tries to dissuade you from your goal.

Unknown situation = danger!

However, by training your mind and nourishing it with positive affirmations, sticking to your training goals and believing that you can do it, you will also achieve your marathon goal. Anything you can imagine, you can achieve. Because you create the goal through the time and belief you put into the preparation!

The time you invest in training = marathon result!

What you invest comes back to you tenfold. This means that there is no way around training. If you set your goals higher than is comfortable, you challenge yourself to give more and go beyond yourself. This is not only fun, but brings you much closer to your full potential!

Growth = outside your comfort zone!

If you keep your goals small, they may be easier to achieve, but you can also quickly stagnate on a plateau that does not lead to growth. To avoid this, deliberately set your goals higher, crazier, out of your reach, so that you shoot beyond the most comfortable, smallest goal and get closer and closer to the biggest goal in partial steps!

The more emotional your goal is, the more your subconscious will try to find ways to achieve it.

Emotion + Vision = Success!

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Tip 2) Training for your body

However, to actually achieve your big goals, know your body. It doesn't matter if it's a virtual 10 kilometre run, a virtual half marathon or the whole 42 kilometre marathon with VirtualRunners.

The better you can respond to the specifics of your body, the better you will strengthen your mind, feel good about running and stick to your workouts.

For some people, an hour of running once a week is enough. For others, it's 15-30 minutes every day. And for others, alternating between yoga, CrossFit and running is just right.

The important thing is that you neither underchallenge yourself (i.e. everything comes easy to you) nor overchallenge yourself (you are so sore from running that you miss the next training sessions).

The right balance is important, as well as the right nutrition that also suits you and your body. Of course, fruits, vegetables, natural proteins, long-chain carbohydrates and superfoods help prepare your body, but if chocolate is important to you as a reward to keep you going, then this is your little magic bullet!

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Tip 3) Consistency

As mentioned earlier, the difference between a master and a beginner is not talent, but the number of hours put in! The more hours you run, prepare for the next virtual marathon, meet with a running group, visualise that you are successful, and complement this with your nutrition, rest and the right running shoes, the greater your success will be.

Consistency in training is the key to success, and if nothing works and you have the feeling that you don't want to leave the house today, especially not with your running shoes on? Then make a deal with yourself: run the first third, then turn around and rest if you can't go any further.

What often happens at such a moment is fascinating: once we leave the house and start running, the body remembers how much fun the exercise is, and most of the time you don't have to turn around after the first third, but look forward to the rest of the distance. Consequently, consistency is also a trick to getting to know yourself and your body better.

Because 80% happens in the head, 20% in the body!

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And finally, a few motivational mantras!

You can print out or write down these affirmations and hang them visibly in your home to train your subconscious!
- Runners never give up
- It's all about being better than yesterday!
- Patience is the mother of every success
- I smile, so everything is not so bad
- I practice humility towards my body and external circumstances


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