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With these 5 tricks you can bring more success and satisfaction into your life.

Small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your life. Because how you get up, how you manage your time during the day, and how often you relax has an impact on how you feel overall!

Success and inner satisfaction are also directly related. After all, the better you sleep, the better your decisions. The better you take care of yourself, the more harmonious your workday will be. And the more rest periods and hobbies you integrate into your life, the more balanced you feel overall.

With the following 5 tricks you will bring more success and satisfaction into your life and find the perfect connection between planning and letting things go.


5 tricks for more success and satisfaction in your life


 1. Morning routine for a good start

An inspiring morning routine is the most important part of your day! Because, if you get up right, you will experience the whole day more energized and relaxed. The principle of the morning routine here is based on simplicity, repetition and alignment.


•  Always get up at the same time.  Preferably first thing in the morning between 6 and 7 am, because then it's easier to get good ideas, find clarity on planning for the day ahead and connect with yourself.

Drink a glass of lukewarm water first thing, such as ginger water or mineral water.  This will help cleanse the body and get the organs going before you eat breakfast.

 After that, go out for some fresh air! Light morning exercise or a few laps around the block are all you need here to get your circulation and energy going.

After a shower, you can take 5-10 minutes to meditate, write down your thoughts, or mentally go over your planning for the day. There is power in rest.

Now you deserve a great breakfast! Especially protein-rich foods, such as fruit, oatmeal, soy yogurt, or protein bread with avocado, are easy to digest and will stimulate your energy stores!


 2. Plan your day before you start

Before you jump right in highly motivated, take time to think about your day and your plans and bring structure to your approach. Divide your day so that you use periods when you're always on your toes for your priorities, and periods when you're tired or unproductive more quickly for what comes easily to you.

Write your top three priorities on a piece of paper and plan in 30-minute units.

Leave 30 minutes free at the end of the day for any hiccups that need to be solved, emails that have fallen through, or unforeseen things that now demand your attention.


3. Relax Max for Full Power

Nothing is more important than relaxing regularly, clearing your head and hitting stop. Often these are moments of silence, when everything sorts itself out, when unique ideas come to you, or when an unexpectedly important phone call comes in.

It is also important that you keep your lunch break and consciously switch off after work to recharge your energy. Your free time is meant for you. Here you can balance yourself with your interests and hobbies, such as running for your next virtual marathon, creative activities, cooking, or something new you'd like to learn! 

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4. Nutrition and energy

You are what you eat! You've probably heard that before. Because how we eat influences our well-being, our emotions, our ability to concentrate and so on!

In order to prepare yourself optimally for the tasks of the day and for your running training, a balanced diet is important! Strengthen your body with natural products that come from the earth, such as long-chain carbohydrates (brown bread or muesli), proteins (soy, yogurt, cheese), fruits, vegetables and 2-3 liters of liquid a day (juices, herbal teas, water or smoothies).

What you "take in" in terms of information and conversation also affects how you feel overall. Therefore, pay attention to when your mood drops and when it rises so that you turn to more and more motivating information and conversations.


5. Routine for the evening

As the day comes to an end, it's time to relax and "do" less and "be" more.  Take time for yourself, run a relaxing bath, listen to some nice music, read a book, or do purely nothing.

Before you go to bed, turn off your computer and cell phone at least 30 minutes earlier, because artificial light has an unfavorable influence on our sleep patterns.

Instead, use the time before bed to reflect on the day, set goals or an intention for the next day, sort out your thoughts and listen to your feelings.

It's also nice to end the day with five things you're grateful for. Either as an entry for your journal or in contemplation and remembrance of these five moments.

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We hope to have inspired you with these 5 tricks for more success and satisfaction in your life to make your everyday life a little different!

Write us in the comments section how you liked our contentment tips and what you've already experienced as a result!


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