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Superfood coconut water: Reaching your goal with electrolytes

Power drink coconut water

The trendy drink made from coconut is not only "in", but has many health benefits. So it's no wonder that so many athletes and celebrities are seen drinking this delicious beverage!

When you run regularly and sweat a lot, you not only lose sweat, but also vital minerals and salts. This leads to a loss of electrolytes, which are important for our energy balance. An electrolyte deficiency leads to high blood pressure, headaches and poor concentration, among other things.

Coconut water is rich in natural electrolytes and helps to compensate for a mineral deficiency - and does so quickly. The refreshing drink contains potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium and sodium, has an anti-inflammatory effect, rejuvenates the cells and is even said to prevent skin ageing!

Some marathon runners also believe in the weight-loss qualities of the sweet drink, as coconut water purifies the blood, strengthens digestion and boosts metabolism by balancing minerals.

Kokosnusswasser mit Elektrolyten

What effect does coconut water have for athletes?

Coconut water strengthens the nervous system, helps to purify the body, promotes metabolism and minimally reduces cellulite in the long term. It has a positive effect on skin and hair (similar to coconut oil) and supports cell regeneration.

Due to its high mineral content, coconut water is a brilliant alternative to artificially produced isotonic drinks. It supplies the body with vital electrolytes that are sweated out during exercise and keeps the pH value in balance.

A can of coconut water is refreshing, invigorating and thirst-quenching, especially after exercise. The body actually feels better hydrated and the initial fatigue after a big run disappears more quickly. It's like a shower from the inside!

1) Coconut water and the hangover

Coconut water also helps against hangovers quickly! When the stomach is over-acidified and rebelling from last night, coconut water is a soothing fairy godmother that brings everything back into balance. Due to its high mineral content, the pH level in the body becomes alkaline again, the stomach recovers and the heartburn settles on its own.

2) Coconut water and the skin

Due to its purifying effect on the blood and the cell-renewing effect, the skin also recovers through coconut water. Blemishes disappear faster, imperfections are soothed and the complexion looks younger and more radiant.

Kokosnusswasser und Gesundheit

3) Coconut water and sports

Since coconut water contains only 15-20 kilocalories per 100 millilitres, it is much lower in calories than other isotonic drinks, including fruit juices. Since it contains hardly any sugar, it also beats any comparable sports drink hands down.

Coconut water contains only 2.6 grams of (natural) sugar, whereas Coca-Cola contains 9 grams, grape juice 15 grams and pear juice 4.5 grams.

With its high mineral content of potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc and calcium, it provides vital minerals that the body quickly loses through exercise. It has a natural isotonic effect and balances the electrolyte balance.

Kokoswasser Nährwerte Vorteile für Sportler

The advantages of coconut water at a glance

- has an alkaline pH value

- has a positive effect on digestion

- balances the electrolyte balance

- helps with detoxification

- high fibre content

- especially suitable for athletes


The superfood coconut water is a natural sports drink that contains exactly the minerals you need for sports! If you drink coconut water regularly, you will not only quench your thirst, but also keep your body in balance after a run!

Did you know that the superfood coconut water has so many benefits? Get to the finish line with electrolytes is the motto from now on when you prepare for the next virtual marathon with VirtualRunners. :)


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