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Which superfoods for athletes improve performance while running?

Superfoods for athletes are the buzzword par excellence in sports and coaching! The inconspicuous powders, tablets or bars improve performance enormously, give you strength and strengthen the immune system. The best thing about them is that they are natural and improve performance through the high content of vital substances and minerals, and not through artificial additives, sweeteners or processed foods.

Since the market of superfoods for athletes is so big, it is important to find out which superfoods are suitable for sports. When and how you use these supplements also needs your attention.

In our article "Which Superfoods for Athletes Improve Running Performance?" we show you the most important supplements to get started right away. It's best to use the supplements in their pure, unprocessed form in smoothies, juices or on salads. Because roasting, cooking or industrial processing often diminishes the power of superfoods.

As a basic rule, anything that comes from the earth has a high nutritional value, especially if it reaches the shop pesticide-free and without chemical additives. Organically grown foods and supplements are always the best choice.


The 4 best superfoods for athletes

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  1. Chia seeds: Anti-inflammatory & Powerful

Chia seeds are the superfood of the Tarahumara people of Mexico, according to Christopher McDougall's bestseller "Born to Run". The indigenous people live in the mountains of Chihuaha and cover an incredible 200 kilometres in an ultra run! The inconspicuous chia seeds, which have become a breakfast revolution in our country, can be found in any health food shop. Besides a high protein content, they also contain healthy carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Just what you need for endurance and speed when running!  

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  1. Spirulina Powder: Protein & Vitamins

Spirulina is a marine algae that belongs to the class of superfoods, especially due to its high protein content. With regular running, the muscles grow, which is why proteins are especially important for the body. The content is even so high that animal protein seems insignificant in comparison! Spirulina contains a full 60% protein, whereas a meat dish only contains 20%. In addition, there are vitamins B12, E, and vitamin A, as well as calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. That's the nutritional value of an entire meal combined in a single plant!

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  1. Chlorella tablets: turbo detox

Chlorella algae also come from the sea and have powerful detoxification abilities. Accompanying a fast or diet, they bundle up the toxins in the body that are flushed out of the cells and help the body eliminate the toxins so they don't continue to circulate in the bloodstream. Chlorella also has twice as much protein as poultry, without the antibiotics, hormones or salt that are fed in poultry factories.

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  1. Raw coconut: Immunity & healthy fats.

Raw coconut (as coconut chips, shreds or fresh from the fruit) helps the body convert fat into energy, prevent drastic blood sugar changes and process stress faster. The high mineral content and vital medium-chain triglycerides strengthen the immune system and keep performance stable. This is reduced by increased training for the next virtual run or the first half marathon, as energy consumption and the need for vitamins and minerals increase.


We hope our article "Which Superfoods for Athletes Improve Running Performance?" has given you valuable information and you are now running with extra power through more superfoods in your meals!


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