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  • How Claudia runs the marathon despite of a heart disease

    The Firefighter Run, a major fundraising run taking place at VirtualRunners from July 11 to August 14, 2022, supports the Children's Heart Foundation (, whose projects seek to give children with congenital heart defects the same life expectancy as their healthy friends. 
  • Avoid mucel shortening with these simple yoga exercises

    Have you ever noticed runners whose running style seems a bit stiff? Often this is due to muscle shortening.

    Muscle shortening is the reduced extensibility of a muscle. In this case, the affected muscle is shorter at rest than is normally the case. With increasing age and especially when muscles are growing, i.e. with regular running training, muscle shortening is imminent. This can have a negative effect on joints and the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • Running is a matter of the head: 5 motivational tips for you

    Running a marathon is already a feat, but 102 marathons in 102 days and that after a leg amputation? What sounds impossible has been achieved by Jacky Hunt-Broersma in recent months. This shows that more is often possible than you think. With these 5 motivational tips, you can also achieve feats that you never thought possible.
  • Ukraine aid: When the air raid warning teaches you the horror

    In recent weeks, thanks to your support, we have been able to further expand our assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

    Our team and supporters have experienced harrowing fates:

    the young lady from Mariopol who was taken from Ukraine three days ago, the mother with two children who was trembling with fear of traffickers and whom we were able to help, a mother who cried with joy when her children smiled again.

    These are some of the hundreds of people we were able to help and there will be hundreds more. Thank you!

    In the meantime, we also visited our friends in Ukraine and we report about it here:

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  • How Hannes found friends around the world through VirtualRunners

    The best thing about VirtualRunners is the community, running ambassador Hannes is convinced. He himself has made new friends all over the world through VirtualRunners. Learn more about how Hannes inspires himself and others.
  • How two Russian artists created the Moscow medal

    We put a lot of love and effort into the designs of the medals. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's more difficult. What do we want to convey, what do we like? How do we express the emotions and culture of a race? These are questions at the very beginning.
  • This is what’s happening with the Kenya Lions’ Run donations: Exclusive Interview with Thomas Kratky from run2gether

    He has been working in a large IT company for 35 years, long-distance running regularly for 21 years and volunteering with body and soul for the non-profit running association run2gether. In every respect, Thomas Kratky literally demonstrates endurance! We talked to our Running Ambassador from Vienna about his passion for running and his commitment to Kenya. You’ll also find out how the money raised during the Kenya Lions’ Run will be spent!

  • Interview with our running ambassador, Tanja Sacherow: “You don’t always have to run personal bests, often you just have to give it a go!”

    Neither a 50-hour week as an operations manager in a mechanical engineering company, nor her two young children, patchwork family and large circle of friends and acquaintances keep 39-year-old Tanja Sacherow from regularly taking on multiple runs and challenges by VirtualRunners. Read on to find out how our ambassador motivates both herself and everyone around her!

  • The Alinkerlympics - An Interview with Harley Salter

    Harley Salter is a 26-year-old man from the UK who not only holds two Guinness World Records, but regularly goes over and beyond his limits for a good cause. With his mother supporting him, he regularly starts fundraisers to not only challenge himself but also to raise awareness and helping people. Harley has a range of moderate to severe cognitive and physical disabilities, but that won’t stop him to push his boundaries and be part of several challenges. As part of the “Alinkerlympics”, Harley will be taking part in the Virtual Runners Tokyo Athletes Challenge 2021. In our interview, you'll learn what the “Alinkerlympics” are all about and what Harley's biggest motivation is.
  • Part II of our exclusive interview with our running ambassador Jaan Bathe.

    Last week we introduced you to our Ambassador Jaan Bathe, who shared with us his journey to becoming an avid runner. The 39-year-old paramedic discovered running through a key experience and has since then only taken off his running shoes to sleep. If you haven't read the first part of the interview yet, feel free to do so here (insert link). Today we talk to Jaan about how he keeps himself motivated and what goals he still has.

  • Exclusive Interview with our ambassador Jaan Bathe

    As a paramedic, Jaan Bathe works 12-hour shifts, volunteers with the volunteer fire brigade, is a husband, father of two young sons and within a year, the 39-year-old has turned his attitude towards running upside down. The story of our Ambassador Jaan inspires and motivates in equal measure.
  • On the way to the record! Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt Run picks up speed!

    Dear VirtualRunners Family,

    What started out as a crazy idea at the beginning of the year developed in a very short time into a running event that inspires people all over the world. It's now time to review the events and answer one or two questions, says VirtualRunners founder Kishor Sridhar.