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How two Russian artists created the Moscow medal

We put a lot of love and effort into the designs of the medals. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's more difficult. What do we want to convey, what do we like? How do we express the emotions and culture of a race? These are questions at the very beginning.

For Irina and Tatiana, two Russian designers who created the Moscow medal for us, it was clear: the Moscow landmark must be in the center: St. Basil's Cathedral with its onion domes. Irina is particularly important to emphasize that this is not the Kremlin. In the West, this is often confused. The Kremlin is the fortress in which the cathedral stands.

You can feel the towers of Basil Cathedral with your fingers

"But our first designs were too bland," Tatiana admits. "We wanted to depict the splendor of colors without making it look kitschy. Then Irina had an idea and made a quick phone call to the medal maker. In fact, a complex printing process succeeded in making the colors not only realistic, but also plastic. "You can now even feel the towers with your fingers," Irina proudly explains.

Chochloma - Russian romance and life style

Tatiana, on the other hand, was keen to incorporate the patterns of her native Nizhny Novgorod, which are now used throughout Russia. The famous chochloma was made by peasants in the 17th century and is now world famous. Since this art form was practically handed down to Tatiana, she has kept a special eye on it. "After all, there are many cheap imitations. Chochloma, however, is an art form that follows precise rules," Tatiana explains. However, these in turn had to match the onion domes of the cathedral.

Holding a piece of Russian culture in your hands

The eleventh design finally fit and the medal had the perfect harmony.

"It was an incredible feeling when we held the first prototype in our hands," Irina says, visibly proud. "We are happy when we can bring a piece of Russian culture to the world."

If you, too, want to hold a piece of Russian culture in your hands, it's best to run with it. Nothing is better than what you have earned yourself, they say in Russia:

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