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Our 9 Planets Marathon Challenge: From Venus to Mercury!

Virtueller Marathon - Virtuelle Lauf Challenge


In April, we launched our virtual 9 Planets Marathon Challenge, where you run with one planet each month! Choose for yourself whether you want to complete 100K, 150K or 200K in 30 days. The idea is that we create a running universe and you are part of it!

We start with the planet Venus in April, followed by Earth in May.

In the article "Our 9 Planet Marathon Challenge: From Venus to Mercury" we introduce you to our running universe and talk about the astrological qualities of each planet. Because each planet has its own characteristics!

Just as the moon influences the movement of the oceans (which, unfortunately, is not included in the Planet Challenge because it belongs to the earth), all the other planets also influence various aspects of life on earth.

So when you run our marathon with the planets, you activate new powers within yourself!

Suggestion: Observe what happens every month and take notes! At the end of the 9 months you can tell us what you have experienced in the Planet Challenge!

Below you will find the characteristics of all planets. So you are well prepared for the virtual running challenge with the planets.



1) Venus: Love, Harmony & Money Flow

Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. Who hasn't heard that phrase before? However, the planet Venus is not only about love, but also about beauty, abundance and wealth, as well as harmony. For what is in balance has a natural beauty!


Venus got her name from the Roman goddess of love. But Venus also stands for love in astrology and, depending on where it is placed in the birth chart, gives information about what is attractive to you and what is not.


Venus also shows us in the horoscope which things we value, where the sweet sins of Venus lead us astray, and what we need to look out for in order to attract material abundance, harmony and love into our lives.


- Love

- Beauty

- Harmony

- Relationships

- Joy and inspiration

- flow of money

- Wealth

- luxury

- material goods

- personal style


2) Earth: life

Earth is not included in the modern horoscope, or only serves as an observer position for the other planets, and is in opposition to the Sun. In mythology, however, the Earth is of great importance, because it is connected with Gaia, the primordial mother, from whom all other planets in the system emerged in the primordial chaos.

According to legend, Uranus, the sky, the sea and the mountains first sprang from the belly of the earth. Through the connection to Uranus, Saturn was born, as well as Titans, Cyclopes and hundred-armed giants. In the Olympic pantheon, Gaia often competed against the patriarchal god Zeus.

In modern times, the earth is associated above all with the 4 elements, with nature and our connection to the natural rhythm of life. When we speak of "grounding", it is about coming from the mind back into the body, feeling, slowing down, strengthening intuition and perceiving our natural, inner wisdom through spontaneous intuitions.


- Nature

- Intuition

- Grounding

- Feeling

- Natural flow of life

- 5 senses

- 6th sense

- Stability

- Calmness


3) Mars: fighting spirit & self-assertion

Men are from Mars. Where does this come from? Simple. Because men generally like to compete, and find fulfilment through self-assertion - or using their full strength. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be associated with the beautiful things in life, precisely those for which the planet Venus stands. Mars (right) and Venus (left) are, by the way, Earth's neighbours.

The planet Mars, which got its name from Mars, the god of war, stands for self-assertion and assertiveness. If the energy of Mars comes out too strongly in an astro-chart, the tendency can also lead to manipulation and an icy will that pulls over others - like the god of war.

If Mars is in balance, it leads to steadfastness, assertiveness, tact, inner strength and resistance.


- Self-assertion

- Strength

- Assertiveness

- Steadfastness

- Perseverance

- Battle spirit

- Overcoming hurdles


4) Jupiter: Personality Development & Meaning of Life

Jupiter takes its name from the Roman chief god Jupiter. He stands for spiritual knowledge, growth and intelligence - and thus also for meaning in life. Since it is mainly made of gas, it is also associated with expansion and greatness.

Wisdom, honesty and justice are also qualities associated with Jupiter. Depending on where the planet is placed in the astrological chart, it has an influence on a person's reputation, order in life and prosperity and success.

Jupiter has an influence on how we follow our own ideals and values, unite spiritual and material forces and approach our lives with mindfulness.

- Wisdom

- Spirituality

- Knowledge

- Learning

- Reputation

- Success

- Self-assessment

- Values

- Growth


5) Saturn: Highest potential

Saturn is seen as an ancient teacher and therefore has an influence on how we transform weaknesses into strengths in order to unfold our true core of being. It stands for introspection and wisdom.

In Vedic astrology, it is considered the highest spiritual planet, which brings certain challenges for true growth. In ancient Rome, Saturnus was also the god of agriculture and harvest, as well as the planet that heralded the Golden Age.

In modern astrology, Saturn stands above all for developing patience, equanimity, wisdom, humility, consistency and a sense of duty. It shows us where we can bring more discipline and sense of duty into our lives, and that after a rocky road and invested energy, we can reap the fruits of our labour.

- Patience

- Wisdom

- Spiritual Power

- Discipline

- Inner vision

- Harvest

- Self-determined work


6) Uranus: Freedom & unpredictability

Uranus stands for unpredictability and unexpected turns in life. Symbolically, it has to do with the elements that are beyond our control and therefore invites us to surrender to the flow of life and to overcome hurdles with creativity.

As a planet of destiny, it influences our lives in unforeseen ways and brings a spark of craziness, freedom and independence into our lives that shatters old norms and reveals new paths.

For the Romans, Uranus was the planet that, along with Earth, created the Titans. The placement of Uranus in one's chart indicates whether the planet plays a revolutionary force or a destructive force in a person's life.


- Revolution

- Freedom

- Outside the norm

- Change

- Presence

- Unpredictability

- Greatness


7) Neptune: Aloneness & Compassion

Neptune represents the spiritual and human qualities in our lives. It connects us with what is not visible or explainable and strengthens the heart rate. This includes enlightenment and faith.

Neptune gives us the strength to give ourselves to love and to selflessly stand up for others. It stands for creativity and inspiration, spontaneous inspiration and spiritual powers.

For the Romans, Neptune was the water god who ruled over the emotional world, strengthening that which cannot be captured in words. The realm outside logic from which magical moments spring.

- Love

- Spirituality

- Creativity

- Personal expression

- Inspiration

- Connectedness with others

- Heart rate

- Being alone with the big picture

- Realisation


8) Pluto: End & New Beginning

Pluto is the planet at the far end of the solar system. It was known to the ancient Romans as the planet of the underworld, having rich treasures in the underworld.

Since the underworld represents death and the end of cycles, in a way Pluto is also related to new beginnings and rebirth.

Pluto encourages us to set out for new shores, to surrender to the constant change in life, to leave the old behind and to find the inspiration to follow new paths with strength and joy.


- Change

- New Beginning

- Letting go

- Surrender to the flow of life

- Change

- Trust

- Inner Wealth


9) Mercury: Power of Thought & Communication

Mercury is closest to the sun and the fastest planet in the solar system. The Romans worshipped it as a messenger of the gods, who brought messages from the gods to the people and thus promoted communication.

Today, it is seen as a planet of communication, wreaking havoc when it is retrograde. In these times, technical difficulties with electronic devices and problems in communicating with each other are often attributed to Mercury.

Mercury also represents the power of thought and intellect. It thus has a significant influence on success, professional status and how we express ourselves to get what we want.


- Communication

- Technical devices

- Change

- Speed

- Motion

- Success

- Professional recognition

- Power of thought


10) Sun: Strength of character & being

The sun is the most important planet in our system, because all the other planets revolve around it. It is the light and energy of the sun that makes life on earth possible. It also plays an important role in astrology, as it influences which star sign we are assigned at the time of birth.

Thus the sun has an influence on our very own character traits, our soul and what gives us strength and meaning in life. It brings light to our potential and our strengths.

The sun is the sign of vitality and life energy. It gives us the drive to realise our wishes, the self-confidence to achieve them and the courage to do the right thing.


- Desires of the heart

- Vitality

- Soul power

- Strength of character

- Strength

- Willpower


We hope you enjoyed our article "Our 9 Planet Marathon Challenge: From Venus to Mercury" and are now even more inspired to take part in the 9 Planet Running Challenge!

Choose whether you want to run with just one planet or with all 9 planets. Then you are sure to win the Sun Medal! You can either run 100K, 150K or 200 kilometres per month in our virtual running challenge!

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