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Running is a matter of the head: 5 motivational tips for you

Running a marathon is already a feat, but 104 marathons in 104 days after a leg amputation? What sounds impossible has been achieved by Jacky Hunt-Broersma last saturday April 30th 2022. This shows that often more is possible than you believe.

Of course, this does not only apply to such great achievement:

Because whether you are aiming for your first marathon or half marathon, or if want to complete your first 5 kilometers or want to run a so-called streak, i.e. a certain distance every day: Your success is a matter of mind.

We have compiled the 5 most important motivation tips for you that you should immediately apply in everyday life to achieve new great goals:

1. Find the right beat

You surely have your own cool running music, i.e. songs that you prefer to listen to while running. Actually, this is a great idea, but psychologically not optimal for everyone. Because the same music always provides a familiar feeling and this lulls us emotionally.

Tip: Browse through old songs from your youth. There you will discover some hidden jewels anew. Put them on your ears and you will notice that running becomes even more fun, but you feel years younger. It can go calmly but crazy too. What I discovered again for myself last week: Guns & Roses, Nirvana, Scooter, Marusha, Run-D.M.C.

2. Discover new trails

What is true for music is also true for running routes. Of course, the familiar route offers safety, but also, at some stage, boredom. Why don´t you explore new routes. Even in the old home there are some hidden corners that will surprise you.

3. Keep the feeling you get after the run

Which runner doesn't know it? This feeling of happiness after a run? The hormones are pumping, you feel your body more intensely and you could embrace the world. Unfortunately our psyche is rather short-sighted. It only sees what is immediately in front of us. That's why we see the effort at the beginning of a run, not the reward.

Experienced runners keep this feeling in their hearts after their run. When you go to the starting line for the next workout, they visualize the feeling afterwards. With the reward in front of you, you feel even more motivated to run.

Of course, you can also create another incentive for yourself. After a run you allow yourself a little special treat. This also motivates.

4. Avoid appointments and duties after the run

We know that running time is soul time. But what if there are annoying duties waiting for us after the run? Most of us are not really free in our thoughts. We think about what still has to be done again and again and finally we stop the run early, plagued by the thought of what still has to be done urgently.

Of course, you can't magic away all the chores of everyday life, but try to really free yourself mentally. Switch your cell phone to flight mode, do not set fixed appointments after the run. So you are really free and dedicate yourself to your goal.

5. Why are you running?

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that we run because it is good for us. But what is the real reason? You want to be fit, stay healthy. These are all rational reasons, but we also want to prove something to ourselves and maybe to others. There is nothing bad about that as long as we don´t put it on others who may not be running.

At the same time, though, wanting to prove something to others can be quite a motivator. Just think of school friends you haven't seen in years who were amused by your athletic grade, think of the boss or the boss's boss who gets on your nerves. And then show them what you are really made of and run. Childish? Yes, to some extent. But we are still children at heart and should also keep it. It is motivating in any case. Just give it a try.

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