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On the way to the record! Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt Run picks up speed!

Dear VirtualRunners Family,


What started out as a crazy idea at the beginning of the year developed in a very short time into a running event that inspires people all over the world. It's now time to review the events and answer one or two questions, says VirtualRunners founder Kishor Sridhar.

What if we could connect people from all over the world for running events. That was the idea that gave birth to VirtualRunners a year ago, with numerous runs and an incredibly great community. "The atmosphere of the runners, the dynamics in the groups... that is somehow record-breaking," said Lena from our team a few weeks ago, and with that the next idea was born. Why not make a record official?

After negotiations with Guinness World Records, we finally got the go-ahead not only to make an official world record attempt, but also to provide our runners with medals and shirts with the official Guinness World Records logo. A big shout out to our design team who, as always, did a great job.

Since we don't want to exclude anyone, but want to connect runners all over the world, we decided to offer a free participation, without a medal, but with an official digital proof of participation certificate from Guinness World Records. 

We had hoped that many runners would take part, but the number of registrations surprised even us. Drum roll: To date, there are just under 86,000! Well, of course us runners know that being registered doesn't mean you'll finish. Nevertheless, we are proud of this number and Guinness World Records is also impressed by the enthusiasm for running. At the same time, it brings new challenges. Our IT colleagues immediately set about upgrading the web portal so that we can easily cope with the number on race day. Furthermore, our run ambassadors support us in word and deed to further optimise the processes. It's like preparing for a marathon - it starts not days but months in advance. Accordingly, we work under high pressure. You grow with your challenges.

But above all, it's fun to get things moving together with you and to get such a mega-project off the ground. And this much can already be revealed. The Guinness World Records run is an important step for another project close to our hearts, that we will start in autumn 2021 and which we hope we can do a lot of good with. But I don't want to reveal much more yet, so stay tuned. It will be worth it.

Until then, I wish you a wonderful running season and successful runs.




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