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  • 7 Tips for Running in the Heat

    Dry heat in the sunshine or suffocating sultriness under cloudy skies. During the summer months in Germany, high temperatures and lots of sun can make training a little more difficult than when temperatures are milder. We have 7 tips for you that will make training easier on hot days, so you don't have to take a forced summer break.

  • A Short History of the Marathon

    In the 21st century running a Marathon has become many people's passion. It's quite challenging and requires a lot of preparation - but in the end it's something to be proud of and a sign of strength and willpower. But many of us might stumble upon the slightly odd distance of 42.195 kilometers which raises the question if it couldn't have been just an even number. And where does the name Marathon come from anyway? Delving into the origins of one of the most popular activities of recent years reveals an inspiring story of determination and devotion.