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  • The Japanese Runner's Diet

    Japanese food is known for its distinctive taste - created by contrasting flavours and a variety of ingredients, it has conquered the world and can be found in any major city on the globe.

    The Japanese word Umami (which can be translated as pleasant, savoury taste) is a useful term to describe those exquisitely balanced dishes, a great mixture of proteins, vegetables and grains together with fragrant herbs and spices: Soy, galangal, wasabi and ginger - just to name a few.

  • Incredible Mechanisms of Our Body Part I - Runner's High

    Modern life includes a lot of sitting - be it at work or using computers for any kind of purposes. Since our bodies were designed by nature for physical activity, some of nowadays most common problems are related to this issue, back pain and obesity being widespread in our societies. To counter that, we indulge in sports like running, which have had quite a Renaissance in the late 20th century. The term Renaissance (meaning rebirth) is quite fitting, because at some point we tended to go running a lot (and by a lot I mean basically the whole day). Physical activity was not only crucial for a person's health but even more the key to survive. At earlier stages in human history - especially when we were merely hunters and gatherers - not only did we need a lot of stamina to find enough food, but it could save us from vital threats like dangerous animals.

  • 7 Tips for Running in the Heat

    Dry heat in the sunshine or suffocating sultriness under cloudy skies. During the summer months in Germany, high temperatures and lots of sun can make training a little more difficult than when temperatures are milder. We have 7 tips for you that will make training easier on hot days, so you don't have to take a forced summer break.

  • Caught between tradition and modernity - Running in Toronto, Canada

    Over the years, the Canadian city of Toronto managed to gain quite some reputation, it's one of the world's most diverse capitals, where a multicultural and cosmopolitan context allowed business and art to prosper while tradition and modernity don't exclude each other in any way.

    But as the years go on especially the city's still pretty unknown skyline gained more and more attention and it's said that - at least regarding its beauty - it can easily compete with the ones of New York or Hong Kong.

  • A Short History of the Marathon II

    In our previous blog about the origins of the Marathon we discovered that this test of human endurance has its roots - like so many other things - in Ancient Greece. But for more than 2000 years this legend remained almost exclusive to scholars of Greek antiquity studying the old writings of Herodotus and Plutarch.

    The famous English poet Robert Browning was the first one to bring the story back into spotlight in the year 1879, by writing the poem Pheidippides which - even though historically inaccurate - drew attention once again to our young Greek messenger.

  • Running Route 66 - The American Dream put on asphalt

    The sun is particularly unforgiving today, shining a bright light on the road ahead and leaving not an inch of shadow that'd provide some shelter to rest in. Contributing to the almost apocalyptic atmosphere created by this no man's road is the oily sunscreen melting down the already burned skin.

    No trees, just endless bushes and hills all the way - you might think you're lost but instead you're here by your choice - the feeling of freedom always prevailing the ones of body aches and pains.

  • A Short History of the Marathon

    In the 21st century running a Marathon has become many people's passion. It's quite challenging and requires a lot of preparation - but in the end it's something to be proud of and a sign of strength and willpower. But many of us might stumble upon the slightly odd distance of 42.195 kilometers which raises the question if it couldn't have been just an even number. And where does the name Marathon come from anyway? Delving into the origins of one of the most popular activities of recent years reveals an inspiring story of determination and devotion.

  • Part II of our exclusive interview with our running ambassador Jaan Bathe.

    Last week we introduced you to our Ambassador Jaan Bathe, who shared with us his journey to becoming an avid runner. The 39-year-old paramedic discovered running through a key experience and has since then only taken off his running shoes to sleep. If you haven't read the first part of the interview yet, feel free to do so here (insert link). Today we talk to Jaan about how he keeps himself motivated and what goals he still has.

  • A dream in white: St. Petersburg White Nights

    You might lose track of day and night during the White Nights, a natural spectacle taking place in the northernmost regions of the planet. Every year around the Summer Solstice the sun just won't set completely, leaving at least a shimmer of light through the whole night. 

    Let's start an imaginary run through St. Petersburg, also called by the name Venice of the North, where splendor and grandeur of the past times of the Russian Tsars await. Colorful masterpieces of baroque architecture never leave your sight - with over 2300 palaces it's quite a challenge to get to see the whole city.

  • Exclusive Interview with our ambassador Jaan Bathe

    As a paramedic, Jaan Bathe works 12-hour shifts, volunteers with the volunteer fire brigade, is a husband, father of two young sons and within a year, the 39-year-old has turned his attitude towards running upside down. The story of our Ambassador Jaan inspires and motivates in equal measure.
  • The 5 best tips for preparing for a 10 kilometer run

    The first 10 kilometer run usually feels like a huge undertaking, almost impossible, doesn't it? However, if you start with the right technique and the right training plan, you will build up your stamina and muscles step by step and train for your first 10 kilometers with ease! In our article “The 5 best tips for preparing for a 10 kilometer run” we give you the best tools to help you prepare physically and mentally for your 10K challenge.
  • On the way to the record! Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt Run picks up speed!

    Dear VirtualRunners Family,

    What started out as a crazy idea at the beginning of the year developed in a very short time into a running event that inspires people all over the world. It's now time to review the events and answer one or two questions, says VirtualRunners founder Kishor Sridhar.