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5 tipps for running in autumn

The heat of summer is over, optimal running temperatures have set in and colourful canopies of leaves make the running track a visual experience. For many runners, autumn is the most popular season. On the other hand, the weather often fluctuates and the falling leaves, which form a slippery film on the ground, become a real tripping hazard. In short, autumn brings a whole new set of challenges when it comes to running! Find out how to master them professionally here!  

So that you can make the most of September, October and even parts of November for your training, we have 5 tips for you on how to make autumn YOUR running season!

1. The onion look

    In autumn, the weather tends to change from pleasant and sunny to cold, damp, windy and uncomfortable, so you tend to be dressed too warm or too cold because you haven't really adjusted to the new season yet. If you are already wearing winter clothing, it will quickly become too warm under the thick layer. If you're dressed too breezily, you run the risk of catching a chill. The solution: the onion look.  

    Combine several thin and breathable pieces and pile on layer after layer if it gets too warm during your workout.  

    2. Equipment for the head


      Especially when the temperature cools down, it is important not to forget to protect your head from getting cold. Therefore, wear a thin running cap or headband, especially in uncomfortable weather and lower temperatures.   


      In autumn, the days quickly get shorter, so if you go for a run before or after work, you can quickly be surprised by dusk or darkness. To ensure that you can always see the path ahead of you clearly and to minimise the risk of injury, you should have a headlamp with you for these situations. You will automatically feel safer and avoid nasty tripping hazards. In general, you should look for better lit trails at this time of year.  

      3. Warm-up and run out  

        The cooler it gets, the longer it takes your muscles to warm up. To help your muscles warm up, incorporate some light warm-up exercises before you start running and run at a moderate pace before increasing your pace. For example, run up and down the stairs a few times to warm up. After your workout, you should also run out for about 1 minute, stretch loosely, then take a warm shower and change into warm, dry clothes to avoid getting cold and stiff muscles.  

        4. Breathing and hydration

          Yes, you should drink plenty of fluids even in low temperatures - or rather, especially then! The air is often particularly dry in cold weather, so you lose a lot of fluid through your breathing when you run. Therefore, as always, the motto is: drink plenty of fluids beforehand and replenish the lost fluids afterwards. You can also make sure that you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This way the air reaches your lungs much warmer and feels more pleasant.  

          5. Overcome yourself!

            Hand on heart: who always feels like venturing outside in changeable and grey weather? We all have the autumn blues to nibble on from time to time, and it's perfectly okay not to exercise as extensively or frequently as we do in the summer. However, we shouldn't let it get us down. Find a running partner to get some fresh air with, or sign up for an autumn run, like our New York Liberty Run [link here], that will motivate you to keep going. Keeping up your running routine through autumn and winter will help you get through the winter healthier, fitter and more balanced.   


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