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The 5 best tips for preparing for a 10 kilometer run

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The first 10 kilometer run usually feels like a huge undertaking, sheer impossible, right? However, if you start with the right technique and training plan, you will build your endurance and muscles step by step and train for your first 10 kilometer with ease!

Because beware, simply going for a run and training is only half the battle. Your diet, sufficient rest periods, alternative training methods and variations in your running technique are also important to get you into top shape! The interaction of body, mind and soul is just as important in running as in other areas of your life.

In our article "The 5 Best Tips to Prepare for a 10K Run", we give you the best tools to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your 10K challenge and sprint through your personal 10K line like a young deer!

Tips for your 10K training plan

Here's our list of top 5 tips for the 10K training plan that will push you forward and get your body in top shape. However, it's important to make one basic assumption before you head straight for the 10K. If you're already running 3Ks or 5Ks easily and don't get out of breath, you can raise the bar a little and tackle the next challenge of 10Ks.

However, if 3K or 5K runs are still difficult for you and you often have sore muscles, then train a little longer in that category and start training harder later. Because it shouldn't be hard, it should be challenging, but in such a way that your body always regenerates.

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1) Tip 1: Train three times a week

If your lack of willpower is greater than your determination to achieve your goal, your training can suffer. It is important to stick with it and train regularly. Giving it your all one week and not training at all the next is simply not healthy.

Running three times a week is a good start, so that your body has enough rest periods between runs and your muscles can regenerate each time. Regular training builds your endurance and power, so keep at it.

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2) Tip 2: Increase your running step by step

As mentioned before, it is important to increase your running volume step by step. So avoid jumping from 5K to 10K, or from 3K to 7K, but increase step by step, run by run.

If you run too much at once, it can mess up your body badly and have side effects, as the minerals and nutrients that are essential for increased performance are not replenished as quickly and the muscles are not prepared for a greatly increased effort.

A rule of thumb is to increase by ten percent each week. This means that if you are currently running 5 kilometres, a 10% increase in a week is 0.5 kilometres more. So after two weeks you will run 1 kilometre more, after 4 weeks you will run 2 kilometres more and after 8 weeks you will run 4 kilometres more.

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3) Tip 3: Train in a varied way

In the week when you run a longer distance, it is better to take the run slowly. Endurance comes from slow progression, not sprints. If you are slowly preparing for a 10K or even a half marathon, the right amount of running is important. You can alternate training with faster sessions that are shorter with a distance that is slower and longer.

4) Tip 4: Vary your running technique

To avoid succumbing to running boredom, it is advisable to vary your training. In addition to regular running training, sessions of yoga, aerobics, pilates or stretching are a good change of pace.

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5) Tip 5: Incorporate stretching into your workout

Running puts a lot of strain on your muscles, which means sore muscles are often inevitable. To prevent this and to relieve your muscles after exertion, stretching is essential.

Warming up before a run with a few calf and hip stretches is just as good for your body as stretching to cool down after the run. Try to stretch especially the thighs, hips, calves and upper body. This relaxes the body and calms the mind. Some exercises from yin yoga are suitable to hold longer to let loosen up into the fasciae. A good way to round off the training!

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