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3 Reasons why Running on Vacation is a Good Idea

For some of us, it can be quite hard to continue doing sports when our daily routine suddenly stops, like it is the case when we are on holiday. The usual Eat - Run - Work - Sleep does not apply anymore because we don't have to wake up early to get ready for the day, and we'll ask ourselves anyway - I'm on vacation, why should I run?

If you think about it, running fits into your holiday quite well indeed and might even make your whole stay more relaxing and entertaining. Of course, you'll have to choose for yourself how to spend your holidays, but we'll make the decision easier by giving you some reasons and motivations to go running on holidays!

Adaptation is key

According to the travellers of Mathers on the Map there might be up to 15 different kinds of holiday types. In the end, it might not be that important which type of holidays you're on, but it'll depend on your ability to adapt to the situation - let's take 2 contrasting types as an example - beach holidays and city travelling.

The first one is all about relaxing, stereotypically you'd be lying on golden sand beaches on beautiful remote islands in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do other than sipping on your Maitai Cocktail. But nonetheless, if you get up early enough, you can enjoy the much cooler morning hours and the amazing feeling of running barefoot on soft sand - and the moment you are done, the refreshing dip into the water will be even more invigorating!

While on city holidays on the other hand, you can actually go exploring by running through the streets - while you are faster than walking and get the chance to see lesser-known places, you're also much closer to everything than when you are in a sightseeing bus for example. Some cities developed into true runner's paradises like Toronto whose awesome running routes we described in an earlier blog.

It doesn't depend that much on how you spend your well-deserved time off - you'll find a perfect way to integrate running into your holidays - everywhere.

But what, if I'm too tired?

Especially after a night of more than one drink, you might feel, that staying in bed for a little longer might be the best choice. By not focusing too much on the goal but the running itself and the relaxing effects it has on your body, it'll become much easier to get out of your hammock and inside your running shoes. Don't think too much about the distance and speed - it shouldn't be about performance, but about making the most out of your trip.


But I want to meet new people and hang out!

Besides meeting new cultures, visiting ancient sites and amazing food, one thing that many of us seek while on holidays is making new friends, an endeavour that might prove to be quite difficult - considering the language barriers.

It's always easier to start with something that you and your potential holiday buddy have in common. In this case, going for a run might be just the ideal choice to make - you'll meet fellow runners on the way and immediately have something to talk about: Where are the best running routes of the area, which is the coolest bar for your post-run recovery pint, and how do I avoid getting that much sand in my shoes?

The best possible outcome would be that you'd find the answers together - particularly when travelling alone, running can be the perfect way to socialize.


What's still holding you back?

Besides, there are even more nice effects running will have on you while on holiday. The extra-kilograms you might gain from the tasty food won't have such an impact because of your immediate counter-measures, and the sunny weather will give you a nice tan, making your running buddies back home all jealous of your new Mediterranean look.

All in all, running makes your holidays more complete and wholesome - just try it for yourself!


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