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NEW: April 15th-18th, 2022 - Easter Bunny Hop Run

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  • Participate all over the world
  • Meet fellow runners online
  • Earn high quality medals
  • Shipped worldwide
  • Known from:
  • You will receive a Digital Proof of Participation
  • You will receive a Digital Proof of Participation and a medium sized Medal
  • You will receive a Digital Proof of Participation and a large sized Medal

The Easter Bunny Hop Run is a wonderful event for the whole family. Run together from April 15th-18th, 2022 and share your good mood with many runners around the world!

Children love to hold their own medal in their hands after their successful run! Motivate each other and have fun running with the whole family.

Choose your distance whether it's 500m or 1km for kids or 3km, 5km, 10km for the older ones.

    This is what you will get!

    • Starter number¬†(for printing)
    • Access to the portal with ranking list
    • Certificate¬†(for printing)
    • The¬†beautiful Medal



    Choose your virtual run

    • It is a virtual run - you can¬†join wherever you live¬†(worldwide)
    • If you you want to sign up for more then one just add the runs as well (their names you can add 5 days before the run in the running portal)
    • You will¬†receive a¬†booking confirmation¬†within a¬†few minutes
    • After 24 hours¬†you we will receive via¬†email an¬†invitation¬†to the run's Facebook group and further information
    • 5 days before the run¬†you will get an email with¬†access to the runners portal.¬†There you may¬†check your name¬†and add the names of your fellow runners and¬†download your race number.

    Upload your results

    • At the day of the run you will¬†track¬†your run¬†with an¬†app or running watch.¬†Then simply¬†upload to the running portal a screenshot or photo¬†of the app or watch showing your time and distance.¬†Within two hours¬†our team will confirm your time and you can¬†download your certificate.¬†You can see the¬†ranking at around 5pm¬†the day after the run.

    Get your medal!

    • Your¬†high quality medal¬†and your¬†finisher shirt¬†(if you have added a shirt to your cart) will be¬†shipped out to you¬†about 2 days after the run. Please note that¬†due to the current corona situation shipping may take 14 to 21 days in some instances).

      What you will get

      • A¬†sympathetic international community¬†of¬†fellow runners¬†in our¬†members only Facebook groups
      • Your¬†personal international ranking¬†
      • Your¬†personal certificate¬†(for printing)
      • Your¬†exclusive¬†limited edition, high quality medal
      • Your¬†exclusive¬†high quality functional shirt created and made in Germany¬†(to be booked extra upon check out)
      • A¬†dedicated service team¬†which quickly answers your questions before, during and after the run.

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