About us

 We are a team of passionate and ambitious runners. When COVID-19 took the communal running experience, we told ourselves: Runners never give up and launched VirtualRunners. With a lot of passion we dedicate every day and night to the project. Because our aim is to live on the freedom of running and connect you in a unique community.

Service Team

Our friendly service team takes care of all your concerns and questions with passion via email, on Facebook and Instagram.

virtual running service team anna
virtual running service team anna
Sebastian Franzi Anna
Keeps a cool head even in the most hectic situation, which is especially valuable on running weekends. Always has a nice smile for our runners, which you may not see virtually, but you can feel it in every of her emails and Facebook messages. Solves with great passion also tricky requests of our runners and flourishes when it comes to social issues.
Mika Gracious
Rejoices over every new runner and welcomes you with a few warm lines. Always a fan of travels, communicating with runners from all over the world is every day like a trip around the globe for her.


Organization Team

The 'machine room' of the whole virtual runners, the organization team works day and night to create excellent running experiences for you.


Kishor - Ideas & Organization Raphael - Events
He scares the team every day with the dreaded words: "I have a great idea..." - There are rumours that he sometimes even sleeps at night. Take care that the races become an experience and the community has fun.
Anait - Design Margo - Social Media
She may be the youngest in the team, but as a master of design, Anait is the one who brings creates your wonderful great medals and shirts. The magician of social media juggles Facebook and Instagram and connects us all.

We hope you could get a little bit of an impression of us. If you have any further questions, just write to us: team@virtualrunners.org. We look forward to seeing you!


Your VirtualRunners Team