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How does it work?

What do you get for the perfect running experience?

We are all runners ourselves and that is why we have designed the runs so that every runner imagines a perfect run, you will run in real time and get real medals and finisher shirts

Great community: we will create a facebook group a few weeks before the run, where you can get to know each other, exchange ideas and get tips, if you like. After all, we are all one big running family and don't let this unprecedented virus take away our community.

Participant ranking: If you would like to know where you are in the ranking, you can always use the ranking in our internet portal. Since we cannot use running chips, our team checks everything so that everything is correct. If you don't run for time, but only for fun: no problem. That's why we have our great community.

Certificates: Of course there are also certificates. You can download your certificate the following day in our portal.

Participants and / or finisher shirts: We love great runner shirts. Not the boring ones that are pasted with sponsor logos, but really unique ones that you can wear with pride.

  • If you feel like wearing a participating shirt (will be sent after the run) or finisher shirt (will be sent after the run), you can order yours. The available shirts are displayed for each run at registration.
  • If no shirt is shown for your run, don't worry, it will be available shortly. We will work expeditiously and will inform you via email and Facebook as soon as it is available.

Medals: Anyone who ran deserves a medal. When you have finished, you will receive a real, high-quality

medal via mail. All medals are specially designed for this run and of high quality - made of 3mm thick metal, really something to be proud of.

We have found a high quality company in Germany that makes this possible despite the Corona virus and at short notice. We are very grateful for this connection.

Service: If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our response time is within a few hours. This is the only way to offer the complete running experience:

And how does it work now?

We have put in many hours on creating the most comfortable solution for you:

  1. Confirmation of registration: After registration you will receive a confirmation email. Your registration has now been completed.
  2. Access to the running portal: A few days before the run you will then receive an email with the link to the portal where you can register.
  3. Time tracking: On the day of the run you measure your time with an app or running watch and upload a screenshot or a photo of the results to our page and confirm your time there.
  4. Results: All results will be available online by midnight.
  5. Certificate: If the results are online, you can download your certificate.
  6. Medal and T-shirt: After you have shared you result, we will send your finisher shirt and your running medal to you. (Please understand that the delivery can take a few days longer than usual due to the Corona virus.)

As said before, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help: